Recommended Reviews for Zen Room Myofascial Therapy

I often have aches and sore muscles form gym workouts or working too long at my desk which means I am tense and can’t sleep very well. I usually find I need a massage at least once per week to offer some temporary relief from the aches.

I have tried many massage spa’s in Singapore but have found that the techniques are always different and sometimes the massage is too hard which is not relaxing and doesn’t soothe the aches and pains away.

Since visiting “Zen Room Myofascial Therapy” and trying their technique I found that the massage therapy was always consistent, it’s very relaxing and the aches and pains go away quickly. The massage works deep into the muscles but is not painful, and the relief lasts a long time. Which means I only need to massage every couple of weeks now.

The therapists are friendly, consultative and very professional and happy to talk you through your concerns and really focus on getting quick results.

I usually use Zack for my body massage, he’s very experienced and is trained in Sports Therapy as well as Myofascial Therapy so I get a blend of therapies depending on what my needs are.
Philip S, from Queenstown