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About Zack Sriwichai Wellness Director of Zen Room Pain Relief Solutions

Zack Sriwichai is a certified Manual Therapist under ITEC (UK) and a Member of the World Manipulative Medicine Association. He is a 1st  Degree black belt in full-contact karate and a wushu practitioner, he practices yoga and pilates also to compliment his treatments with the understanding of human body biomechanics.

Zack specialises in all forms of Myofascial Work, Trigger points and posture correction techniques to effectively alleviate chronic pain & disabilities. Meticulousness is his strength in the treatment Zack provides.

Physical Therapy for Sports Injury Pain Relief

Listen to your body for warning symptoms such as chest pain, a racing or erratic … It’s true for disease prevention, but for injury treatment you’ll also need your … difficult issues require orthopedists, physical therapists, and sports podiatrists.

  • Pain Relief Therapist Singapore: Do you have back pain? Lower back pain, lower left back pain, lower right back pain or upper back pain? Come to Pain Relief Therapist Singapore at Zen Room Pain Relief Solutions to be pain free today. Our therapists use latest Pain Relief Treatment and rehabilitation strategies to treat most injuries and pain orthopedics conditions affecting the muscles, tendons and other injuries.
  • Best Sports Massage Singapore – Top Sports Massage Services in Singapore… Looking for Effective Sports Massage in Singapore? Experiencing muscle aches? Sports massage or deep tissue massage is an effective therapy for soft tissue problems. 

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  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Singapore: Physiotherapy for Pain and Sports Injuries The musculoskeletal system gives shape, support, dependability and development to the body. Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy Services in Singapore. Best Physiotherapy Singapore. Physiotherapy for elderly in Singapore. Physical therapy Singapore clinics.

Pain Relief Therapy Singapore employs traditional pain management techniques with the latest non-invasive treatment technologies.

  • Sports Physiotherapy Singapore: Looking for the Best Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore? It’s estimated that over 16,000 people suffer sports injuries in Singapore each year. These injuries can cause acute pain as well as lead to chronic problems. What is sport physiotherapySports physiotherapy is as it says ‘physiotherapy for people who play sport‘ and addresses injuries and issues people have. Back & Shoulder Physiotherapy

Sports Massage Therapy Clinic Singapore

Are you looking for Sports Injury Treatment and Myofascial Therapy or Sports Massage in Singapore?

Welcome to Zen Room Pain Relief Solutions!

We are a reputable Instant Pain Relief clinic specializing in Manual Therapy for acute and chronic injury treatment. Application of highly effective soft-tissue massage techniques will be used to treat or probably fix injuries by ironing out fascial restrictions that have formed from years of wear and tear of our body.