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Shoulder Pain Specialist. Types: Knee Injury – ACL Tear, Hamstring Strain. Sports therapy is concerned with: – early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries. – prevention of sport injury. – maximize sports performance.

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Expertise in All Types of Sports Injury in Athletes. Seek Prompt Injury Assessment! Quick Appointment, Enquire Now! Skilful Techniques. Friendly & Approachable.

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We Specialise in Runners Knee Treatment & Treatment of Other Sports Injuries.

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Are you looking for Sports Injury Treatment and Myofascial Therapy or Sports Massage in Singapore?

We are a reputable Instant Pain Relief clinic specializing in Manual Therapy for acute and chronic injury treatment. Expertise in All Types of Sports Injury, Particularly in Knees, Ankles & Hips. Consult Us! Quality Orthopaedic Sports Injury Clinic, Understand the Needs of Athletes. Shoulder Pain Specialist. Get professional deep tissue sports massage.

Our sports relief therapy in Singapore is designed for a wide array of injuries from minor twists and sprains to more significant breaks and fractures. Application of highly effective soft-tissue massage techniques will be used to treat or probably fix injuries by ironing out fascial restrictions that have formed from years of wear and tear of our body.