Post Surgery Treatment Physical Therapy

Physical therapy as part of surgery recovery

Zack Sriwichai (Wellness Guru Singapore) is a certified Manual Therapist under ITEC (UK) and a Member of the World Manipulative Medicine Association.

Post Surgery Treatment Physical Therapy with Physical therapy as part of surgery recovery @ Instant Pain Relief Singapore

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The following are 4 reasons why physical therapy is an important part of surgery recovery:

1. Improves mobility, balance and strength: Surgery can cause a mobility limitation in the affected region or body part. The body’s natural response is to protect the area of trauma, which can cause muscle/tissue tightness, swelling, spasms and limited range of motion. Physical therapy can help patients regain mobility through movement, strengthening exercises, myofascial release, and other manual techniques.

2. Eases pain and swelling: Swelling after surgery is a normal part of the healing process and varies greatly from one person to the next. Chemicals that stimulate nerve endings are released, and the excess inflammation compresses the nerves, creating pain. Reducing swelling promotes healing and improves mobility, both of which reduce overall pain.

3. Reduces scar tissue formation: After an injury or surgery, scar tissue forms, and soft tissue contracts as part of the natural healing process. A physical therapist can perform many types of tissue mobilization techniques, like massage as a means to soften scar tissue and return patients to normal flexibility.

4. Improves flexibility: Inactivity leads to weakened muscles that easily become stiff and prone to further injury. When muscles are tight and joints are stiff, normal daily activities such as reaching overhead, climbing stairs and rising from a seated position can be severely affected. Gentle stretching exercises are among the first activities introduced after surgery and are designed to keep vulnerable muscles limber.


A reduction in joint Range-of-movement is normal for post surgery patients. This treatment will help to remove damaged scar tissues as a result of the surgery.

Duration: 1 Hour