Myofascial Therapy Sports Massage for Lower Back Pain

It is common for most people to experience some form of lower back pain at some point in their lives. The lower back, also known as the lumbar spine, comprises of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles that work in tandem to provide the body with the necessary support and strength.

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Different Types of Lower Back Pain

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Acute pain – This can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It usually occurs as a sharp, shooting pain that is triggered from tissue damage or due to injury.

Subacute pain – This occurs in the form of muscle or joint pain, where it is prolonged between 6 weeks to 3 months. It can be disruptive to daily activities such as walking, sitting, sleeping and working. In severe cases, medical attention is required.

Chronic pain – If the lower back pain is persistent and lasts longer than 3 months, this is considered chronic and severe. This requires immediate medical attention.

Causes of Lower Back Pain
There are several causes of lower back pain, which are mostly mechanical in nature:

Sprains – Sprains can occur from carrying heaving objects incorrectly, or overstretching that leads to a tear in the tendons or muscles.

Herniated disc – Due to aging, the gel-like discs in the spine’s vertebrae are prone to wear and tear. When the disc is weakened due to aging or injury, it puts pressure on the nerves that leads to lower back pain.

Incorrect posture – Slouching makes for very bad posture and puts unnecessary pressure on the lumbar. Over time, the lack of proper support from a straight back when sitting or standing can cause chronic lower back pain.

Job-related hazards – If your job involves constant lifting of heavy objects or even if you have a habit of carrying a shoulder bag with your laptop and personal belongings; these can all accumulate to compression of your spinal nerves.

Sports-related strains – Overstraining muscles during sports activities like golf that involves twisting or weight lifting can easily lead to lower back pain issues. Caution should be taken to ensure proper care and posture is maintained during these activities.

Pregnancy – Due to pelvic changes and increase in weight around the abdominal area, it is common for pregnant ladies to experience lower back pain.

Being Overweight – Excess weight can also put much pressure on the lower back muscles, which can lead to lower back pain.

How Does Sports Massage Help Lower Back Pain?

Benefits of Myofascial Sports Massage

If you are seeking for more natural healing methods for lower back pain instead of relying on painkillers, you can try myofascial sports massage for its numerous benefits.

Myofascial sports massage therapy is not only an effective way to relieve pain, it also helps to relax tense muscles, which will reduce the pressure on the nerves that is causing inflammation and pain.

Using focused pressure and long, deep strokes to reach myofascial tissues, which are the tough membrane that supports your muscles – it is very effective in reducing pain and stiffness in the muscles.

Myofascial sports massage focuses mainly on the connective tissues (fascia) that holds and supports the muscles in the body. Using kneading and long strokes on the muscles, this helps to relax contracted muscles and stimulate the ‘stretch reflex’ in the muscles.

Benefits of Myofascial Sports Massage for Lower Back Pain

• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Reduces stress hormones and boost “feel-good” endorphins
• Increases blood flow and circulation that aids in faster recovery of muscle strain
• Promotes relaxation by relieving tension in the muscles

Tips for Prevention of Lower Back Pain
As many benefits as sports massage brings for relieving lower back pain, it is still essential to take proactive steps to strengthen lower back muscles and prevent occurrence of the lower back pain in the long run.

Some preventive measures can be inculcated as part of a healthy lifestyle:
Improve posture – Avoid slouching when sitting or standing. Maintaining a straight back will enable your lower back to support your body’s weight better.
Invest in ergonomic furniture – As much as possible, sitting on an ergonomic chair with ample back support and ensuring your work desk is of comfortable height where you don’t have to slouch will prevent compression of your spine.
Engage in warm-up and cool-down exercises – This will help to stretch out your muscles properly, especially before and after any strenuous activity.
Bend your knees before lifting heavy objects – Ensure your knees are bent before lifting any heavy objects. Take caution that your knees should not be bent beyond your toes and keep your back straight. This will prevent strains and injuries.
Exercise regularly – Having a regular exercise routine with some core exercises will help to strengthen your waist area and reduce pressure on your back muscles.

How to Get Optimal Benefits from Myofascial Sports Massage

It is always best to talk to your massage therapist before the myofascial sports massage session. Remember to highlight about your lower back pain condition so that your therapist can assess and use the most suitable massage techniques for you.

Generally, myofascial sports massage has very little risks and is most beneficial for relaxation and easing sciatica nerve pain. Your therapist can also focus more attention on your pain area so that you get the most benefits from the massage session.

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