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Sports Massage or Myofascial Therapy is a Non-Invasive Pain Relief Solution; without having the need and risk to go through surgery!

What is Acute pain? And how does one react to Acute Pain?
This is the
type of pain that normally happens immediately after or after some time of when an injury occurs; the injury could be a sports injury or other injury that could be classified as muscle being sprained or even tense!

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Accute pain is nature’s way to inform us that something is going wrong and it has a protective role because by having the acute pain; actually informs us (the injured person) that something is going wrong with our body. The injured person will then try to protect himself or herself; thereby preventing worse damage to the injured part.

The duration of acute pain is shorter is usually accompanied with some other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, increased breathing rate, elevated blood pressure, sweating and dilated pupils. These symptoms may defer from each unique individual.

What is Chronic pain? What does one experience when in Chronic Pain?
When someone experiences Chronic Pain; it is usually a pain that has been lingering around for at least the past 3 months or might be longer!

The sufferer of the Chronic Pain or the pain might cause some limitations to the normal functioning of that injured body area, the whole body or the affected area; depending on the extent of the injury and the severity of the chronic pain experienced.

What is difficult in diagnosing Chronic Pain is that such pains may often not have an easily identifiable cause. Generally speaking, the chronic pain does not pose any dangerous health threats or affect the heartbeat, breathing rate, blood pressure, or pupils of the chronic pain sufferer.

Chronic Pain might lead to prolonged problems such as depression because the suffered is frustrated and might not know how to solve it and might even feel resigned to having to live with this pain; hence depression might be triggered for longer term chronic pain patients.

Due to the extreme pain and great discomfort experienced by chronic pain sufferers; the following conditions might be triggered as well, such as; disturbed sleep, decreased energy, loss of appetite, weight loss, and even loss of interest in sexual activity.

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We are a Sports Massage Therapy Clinic situated in Beauty World Centre 01-26. We treat sports injuries and help with Chronic Diseases such as Cervical Spondylosis, Frozen Shoulders, Sciatica, Tendinitis etc.

We pride ourselves in delivering results in one session. Our goal is to give 100% effort in any treatments we do.

At Zen Room Myofascial Therapy, fixing your injury is our number one concern.

Our Sports Massage Therapist – Zack is well sought after by our clients!

  • Zack S, ITEC (UK) Diploma in Sports Massage Level 3, Diploma in Sports Training.
  • Kyokushin Karate 1st dan black belt. Yoga, pilates and wushu practitioner
  • Zack is good at Myofascial work, trigger points, muscular alignment and decompression.
  • His passion and motivation stems from being able to treat and recover different forms of injury wholeheartedly with no stones unturned.

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